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Protect Your Name, Your Children, Your Assets, And Your Life

This is a short review of J.J. Luna’s How To Be Invisible.

Luna describes various methods to legally protect your name, children, and assets. One such method is credit monitoring. Luna stresses that every American should obtain the services of a credit monitoring company. Another one of Luna’s tip is to cease the use of credit cards and pay with cash when possible. Luna also is of the opinion that your home address should be known by very few people. A PO BOX is to be used rather than one’s personal home address in all situations unless there are legal requirements that one use their home address.

Tax Solutions for the Small Business

The Tax & Legal Playbook, Second Edition, Game-Changing Solutions For Your Small Business Questions. Author: Mark J. Kohler, CPA, Attorney.

In his book, Mark J. Kohler, does an excellent job laying out solutions to real world small business questions. Not only does Kohler provide legal citations but he uses case studies to educate the reader as to how these laws play out in situations small businesses face every day. Here is a quick look at some of the most relevant topics extensively covered by Kohler: 

Chapter 2: Sole Proprietorships

  • Examine your business needs

Chapter 3: Limited Liability Companies

  • 3 major reasons to use an LLC
  • Series LLC’s 
  • Do I need an LLC for every rental property I own?
  • Doesn’t a Corporation give me better asset protection than an LLC?

Chapter 4: S Corporations

  • Reasons to choose an S corporation
  • S corporation tax abuse
  • Choosing the proper payroll level
  • The Future of S corporations
  • Avoiding the Affordable Care Act Tax
  • How Do I Create an S Corporation and Make the S Election

Chapter 5: C Corporations

  • When the C Corporation Makes Sense
  • Myths about C Corporations for Small-Business Owners
  • Finding Trustworthy Advisors

Chapter 6: 199A Pass-Through Deduction Strategies

Chapter 7: Building Personal and Corporate Credit

Chapter 8: Battlefront Asset Protection for your Entity

Chapter 9: The Underutilized Business Tax Deductions

Chapter 10: The New and Improved Vehicle Deduction

Chapter 11: Wise Health-Care Strategies

Chapter 12: Hiring Family Members for Tax Savings

Chapter 13: Buying Rental Properties

Chapter 14: The Importance of Basic Bookkeeping

Chapter 15: Dealing with the IRS

Chapter 16: Tax-Saving Strategies for Selling Property

Chapter 17: Affordable Asset Protection Strategies

Chapter 18: Privacy Measures vs. Hiding Assets

Chapter 19: Protecting your Home from a Lawsuit

Chapter 20: Asset Protection in Marriage and Divorce

Chapter 21: Cutting-Edge Asset Protection Strategies

Chapter 22: Documenting a Partnership

Chapter 23: Bringing on Investors

Chapter 24: Retirement Plan Options

Chapter 25: Self-Directing Your Retirement Funds

Chapter 26: Family Trusts and Estate Planning

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